How Misolla Music was Created

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  • Sheet music for piano on the tablet and logo of Misolla Music

    The creation of the Misolla app began with the inspiration of Dmytro Salenko. He started his musical journey as an adult. But he experienced firsthand the obstacles that many people face when pursuing music education. Wanting to change this narrative, Dmytro was inspired to create Misolla Music, a digital platform for accessible and interactive piano learning.

    The Misolla's Goal

    Misolla Music was created to make piano learning accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Without complicated notes and obstacles. Misolla Music goes beyond traditional music education. In the app, you don't just add notes to your repertoire. You are immersed in a musical universe. The Misolla platform is a unique combination of modern methods, direct interaction with experienced teachers, and a convenient digital environment. This is where learning music becomes not only easy, but also extremely enjoyable.

    Welcome to Misolla Music

    At Misolla Music, we are more than just a team of professionals. We are a harmonious team driven by a common vision. Our goal is to innovate and transform the landscape of music education. Join us on this exciting journey.

    Immerse yourself in the world of music and art with Misolla Music. With us, learning music is made easy, thriving and bringing joy to your life. Welcome to a world where music education becomes an easy and exciting adventure!