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Available for Windows, Android, and Mac.
The iOS version is currently in active development.

Innovative Online Platform!

Forget about old-fashioned lessons - with Misolla, you will efficiently learn to play the piano from scratch. Sheet music for modern Ukrainian songs is available to add creativity to your learning process.

You will be able to learn to play the piano even at the beginner stage, using our rich repertoire of tracks in .mxl format.

Unleash the magic of music with Misolla

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Our advantages

  • Interactive sheet music playback:

    Immerse yourself in the musical world by practicing playing notes directly on your device screen. Misolla provides convenience and effectiveness in learning piano playing.

  • Simplified learning with note highlighting:

    Our unique note highlighting feature makes the learning process more accessible and efficient. Highlight key elements and learn piano playing with ease.

  • Statistics and progress tracking:

    Track your musical growth with detailed gameplay statistics. Monitor how your skills improve every day and push yourself towards new achievements with Misolla, your self-taught piano teacher.

  • Convenience and ease of learning:

    Misolla is a platform designed with a focus on learning convenience. The intuitive interface allows you to quickly master all features, providing a pleasant learning experience for piano playing enthusiasts, whether beginners or professionals.

  • Playing with separate hands:

    With the advanced methodology of our platform, learning piano playing at the beginner stage becomes simpler and faster. Play fragments with separate hands, control your tempo and difficulty level, and develop high-level musical skills.

Answers to Your Questions

Find answers to the most common questions about our piano learning web application.